U.S.VETS - Houston

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1200 Binz Street, Suite 290    

Houston TX 77004

U.S.VETS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

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About Guitars N' Cars

There would be no Guitars N' Cars without 
Houston Construction Industry Charities!

"Dedicated to our Community."

Houston Construction Industry Charities' (HCIC) mission is to unite the industry in giving back to our community. Founded in 2012, after the success of the first auto show in 2011, HCIC now consists of hundreds of dedicated volunteers across all industries united in one cause.


Before long, HCIC auto show became bigger and grew more and more community support and Guitars N’ Cars was born! All proceeds from Guitars N’ Cars have benefited U.S.VETS, the largest veteran service provider in the nation. Houston Construction Industries Charities has generously donated over $1,000,000 to U.S.VETS — Houston’s Midtown Terrace residential community for homeless veterans and Guitars N’ Cars has raised over $480,000 for our programs. 


By supporting Guitars N' Cars, you are taking a stand to ensure that our veterans do not get lost in the civilian shuffle. They fought for our country, our liberties, and our freedom. The least we can do is fight for them and give them the unwavering support they deserve.

THANK YOU Houston Construction Industry Charities, Clunn Accoustical Systems, the entire Clunn family, and the Guitars N' Cars Committee for nine years of service to our veterans! 


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